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Fiery Salvia is probably the traditional decoration flower garden. Salvia like a beacon on a bed, draws our attention with its bright red!

Salvia Divinorum - a perennial plant, brought to Europe from Brazil, but is used in floriculture as an annual plant.

Salvia - a compact, leafy plant, the height of which can reach up to 50 cm. It has a tetrahedral shoots without pubescence, light green color, petiolate leaves broadly ovate shape with an elongated tip. The beauty of this flower inflorescence is in the form of a brush. Flower stalks and flowers have red color and small red downy hairs. Flowers on short pedicels form racemose inflorescence length of 14 -20 cm, which can be 30-90 pieces flowers. Flowers bisexual have a double perianth cup and two-lipped. The upper lip is composed of three sepals, one-piece, and the lower lip bilobed, ribbed. When the cups are opened, there is no bract, 5 petals join to form the corolla tube length 4- 5cm, clearly visible two lips. The flowers are bright red color, but there are varieties with white, pink, purple colored flowers. There are flower salviineskolko species Salvia.

Salvia bright red - a compact plant that can reach a height of 50-80 cm, has a rough leaves dark green color, small flowers are bright red color forms a loose racemose inflorescence height of 20-40 cm. The stem and calyx inflorescence contrasting dark purple coloring. Blooms in late June until frost, without fear of lowering the temperature to -1 degrees.

Salvia rejected - subramose plant height 64 cm, has large flowers up to 5 cm, bright - blue color, form small whorled inflorescences up to 60 cm. It blooms in mid-July until frost.

Salvia powdery - compact plant height of 40-55 cm, is covered with a white powdery bloom stalks, leaves silvery, bluish - green color. Small flowers are blue or blue color form dense narrow cylindrical inflorescence, length 15 cm. Flower stalks have become blue or blue-violet color. It flowers in July and until frost. There are varieties with different colored flowers.

     Blue Bedder - a plant has flowers of dark blue color.

     Zilberere - the plant has flowers silver - white color.

Salvia horminuvaya - compact plant height of 50-60 cm, is at the tips of stems small inconspicuous flowers, forming whorled inflorescences. Bright, beautiful and large white bracts pink or blue-violet color gives a unique salvia. It blooms in early June until frost and are not afraid temperature -2 degrees. There are varieties with different colored bracts.

     Blue Monarch - bracts plant has blue-violet color.

     Pink Monarch - the plant has bracts Carmine - pink color.

     White Monarch - the plant has bracts white coloring.

Salvia photophilous plant, so a place to land better to choose open, solnechnoe.Svetolyubivaya Salvia

Salvia prefers loose, nutrient-rich, non-acidic soil.

The plant is drought-resistant, so watering is required as needed.

With a large use of organic fertilizers salvia gives rapid growth of foliage and blooms bad, inflorescences are short with few flowers.

Propagated by seeds of Salvia. Seeds are sown seedlings in February, using a light, rich soil organic matter. During germination of the seeds must be observed temperature 20-25 degrees shoots appear on 8-10 day. After the appearance of two true leaves of seedlings dive. A permanent place of seedlings planted in May. Seedlings can tolerate a transplant. Depending on the type of flowering occurs in 4-5 months.

Salvia looks good in group plantings with marigolds, rudbeckia, on a bed, lawn, as a curb on the balcony and garden vases.

Flowers for a long time please us with its riot of colors. Select the desired colors can enjoy the entire season this beauty.

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